Daffy Studio Adventure

Daffy Studio Adventure 1.0

Daffy Studio Adventure is an arcade game with Duffy Duck
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Daffy Studio Adventure is an arcade game with Duffy Duck.
This game can be played online in several sites. NowStat.com is the only site that allows you to download it, since they distribute it free.

You will have to guide this famous character through the catwalk that is on top of the ACME Films studio. He must go from the starting point to the destination point, avoiding falling into a gap in the catwalk or out of the path. You will move the character using the cursor movement keys. You will use the spacebar to jump, in order to save gaps and avoid all the stuff that the ACME prop machine, which is out of order, will throw at you. If you fall, you will lose a life. By collecting the clocks that you will find along the way, you will earn points and more time to complete your task.
At the end of every level, you will earn extra points for the unused time. Beware, from the second level onwards some sections of the path will fall without any warning. You will begin the game with four lives. Each time you fall from the path, you will lose one. When all lives are gone, the game will be over.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is challenging


  • Since the game is not online, the high scores cannot be submitted
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